Ring of Fire Ground Coffee

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Additional Countries of Origin:
East Timor & Indonesia
Ring of Fire Ground Coffee

A dark, smokin' blend of high altitude coffee beans from the active volcanic soils of IndonesiaEast Timor and Papua New Guinea. Eye-opening!

Dean’s Beans, uses high-quality specialty roasted coffee as a vehicle for positive change throughout the coffeelands of Asia, Africa and the Americas through activism, ecological responsibility and innovative direct development programs with cooperative partners. They are committed to small, meaningful projects that the community actually wants, and that are sustainable over time. Farmers are paid well over the Fair Trade minimum in addition to funding the development projects co-designed with Dean's Beans. Dedication to responsible ecological practices ensures that all coffees are 100% USDA Certified Organic and shade grown. This supports healthy environments, protects migratory bird habitats, and respects the quality of life of grower-partners in the coffee world.

Measurements: 16 ounces

Note: Bag may be composted