Bike Chain Bowls

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These bowls are made from recycled bicycle chain from salvaged bicycles, handcrafted in Moradabad, India. Moradabad is the metal center of the country and it is known for its production of brass and metal artifacts. 

About the artisans: This product was made by Kamrool Hassan, and his fair trade workshop in Northern India. The artisans require a sustainable supply of discarded bicycle chains to produce their work; usually these are sourced from the local scrap metal market. At times when the orders are large, they need to purchase the recycled chains from other cities, such as Delhi.  

Once the metal chains are acquired, they are sorted by size and straightened. Then they are sectioned according to the size or length required for a particular product. The sections of chain are placed on a metal frame, to insure consistency in the shape and size of each product, and soldered together. After the products are shaped, they are ready for a final finish; the metal is cleaned and rust and other impurities removed. The item is then polished or powder coated as required. Finally, the recycled bike chain bowls are ready to be sent to our customers around the world.


Small: 9.25" W x 3" L

Medium: 10.25" W x 3.25" L

Large: 12" W x 4" L