Copper Coated Iron Bells

Posted by Kelly Sullivan on Apr 3rd 2019

"We are more than consumers, We are a community of Fair Trade."

Cowbells were traditionally crafted to help herders keep track of their livestock on long treks throughout Northwestern India. Now, your home can ring with the rustic sound of these beautiful handcrafted hammered copper coated iron bells. Made by Fair Trade artisans in india who reside in small communities along the mountainside. Metal craft is also a integral part of the Indian culture. These copper coated iron bells come in different shapes and sizes, which makes for a variety of decorative techniques and sound.

 Hammered by hand using traditional metal skills that are passed down by generations within the family. The bells were used at the entrance to a home and around the necks of grazing livestock. Within some regions of India, locally they still serve this purpose. Artisans are paid a fair living wage, in a safe environment while preserving cultural identity, and keeping the skilled metal craft tradition going.  Bring joy, sound and unique style to your home with these beautiful hammered, copper coated iron bells from India.

 Fair Trade is a trade-based movement moving forward!