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Gift Bundles!

Gift Bundles!

Posted by Sasha Wong on Jul 17th 2020

Shop Our Gift Bundles!

     As you may already know, we have made the tough decision to once again temporarily close our physical store. It goes without saying that this decision was not one which was taken lightly. Though we love being able to interact with customers, the rising number of COVID-19 cases in San Diego County is still an issue of great concern.

    With the physical store being closed, we have been dedicating our time to improving our website and purchasing options in hopes of creating a seamless virtual shopping experience for our loyal customers. These improvements have included adding more inventory to our website, adding a free local delivery option, allowing for individual shopping appointments, and most recently, creating a “Gift Ideas” category on our website. Though the world may seem a bit out of order at the moment, birthdays and other celebrations are still happening like always. Whether your neighbor just had a new baby or your cousin in Wisconsin celebrated another birthday, we have curated gift ideas and gift bundles to make gifting as easy as possible during these unique times. With free delivery and shipping, we hope to help you find the perfect gift for those special loved ones in your life without breaking the bank.

     During the COVID-19 pandemic and always, we hope to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. See something in our window but can’t seem to find it on our website? Give us a call at (619)-675-0072! Want to be able to see products in person before making your purchase? Call or email us to schedule your individual shopping appointment with Elizabeth! Are you a local who wants to make an order? Visit our website and select “Free Coronado Delivery” at checkout to have your products be delivered quickly and easily! No matter the global situation, we are still here for you!