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Posted by Elizabeth Paganelli on May 13th 2020

There is no doubt that for all the fabulous businesses in Coronado and around the world, March 2020 will go down in history as one of the toughest times in retail history. Here is the perspective of … read more
Quillin' The Day Away

Quillin' The Day Away

Posted by Sasha Wong on Apr 28th 2020

Although we are all unable to spend time with some of our beloved friends and family members during these unique times, that does not mean we can’t spread a little joy and remind those special people … read more

Haitian Oil Drum Art

Posted by Kelly Sullivan on Jan 25th 2019

These beautiful sculptures are hand cut in Haiti by talented Haitian artisans. Detailed metal art work is cut from sheets of recycled oil drum containers. Recycling the scraps of oil drums helps to en … read more

Out of Africa Movie Premiere Party!

Posted by Elizabeth Paganelli on Aug 29th 2018

"When you have caught the rhythm of Africa, you find out that it is the same in all her music."Enjoy the movieSoundtrack here!Before the movie reels roll,Joao Vincent Lewis will set the mood with liv … read more

92118 Day!

Posted by Haley Steen on Aug 15th 2018

For the first and ONLY time, Coronado will be celebrating our special place, 92118 on 09/21/2018!Fair Trade Decor is delighted to bring unique goods from around the world to Coronado!At our 92118 Day … read more