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Dalmatian Zooties

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Zooties Toddler Footwear guarantees lots of laughter and fun for everyone. Delight your baby with a "foot friendly" animal. As we all know from experience, babies love their feet! They'll be even more delighted with them when their clad in a whimsical pair of Zooties Booties.

Soft, yet sturdy, adorable animal footwear includes a wide range of "foot friends" to pick from. Whales and sharks, pandas and elephants, penguins, turtles, bumble bees, bunnies and many more! There's a Zootie to delight every baby.

Zooties are handcrafted from felt made from locally sourced sheep's wool in Kyrgyzstan. They are the perfect natural and environmentally conscious baby shoe. 

About the artisans: Kyrgyz women hand cut, dye, and sew each pair of Zooties. It is the tradition of felt-working that brings the skill to create the quality booties. The artisan project was started by a Russian artist in 1996, who focused on the design of felt products and providing Kyrgyz women with an outlet for their talents. Equipping Kyrgyz women with business skills including design, quality control, computing, and an understanding of the market was the project of a Peace Corps volunteer, who now, six years after his service, presents the Zooties to a worldwide audience through various channels.