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Eco-Friendly Gift Kit

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This incredible eco-friendly set makes shopping for gifts easy! Being both fair trade and eco-friendly, this set will make the perfect gift for your environmentally-conscious friends and family members. 

About the products:

Bag: Fun and reusable, these bags are perfect for everyday use as an outstanding alternative to single-use plastic bags. Each patterned bag can be rolled up with an elastic band to remain compact for trips to the grocery store or vacation shopping. With a maximum weight of 50 pounds, these bags are the perfect heavy-duty bag for all types of errands. The patterns for these fun bags are inspired by travel to some of the world’s most interesting locations. The company that creates these bags is woman-owned and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For each bag sold, 20 cents are donated to Ocean Conservancy, with $37,500 donated to date.

Bee's Wrap: Bee’s Wraps is an American-made product made from beeswax-infused organic cotton. They are a natural alternative to plastic wrap.  For example, you can use them to wrap your lunch items or for your leftovers.  Using Bee's Wraps is a natural way to store food and protect the environment!

Straw Kit: No plastic is necessary with these eco-friendly, reusable stainless steel straw kits. The bag is made by foot-loomed fabric using a traditional wooden loom. Each roll of fabric takes the expert artisans about three weeks to create. Each kit comes with a stainless steel straw and cleaner brush, while featuring a velcro closure. The talented Guatemalan artisans who make these straw kits are always ensured fair wages in safe work environments free from the use of child labor.