Fishnet Clutch Wallet

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These wallet are made from recycled fishing nets, giving them a unique look and feel. 

  • Wristlet
  • Two pockets with zipper inside
  • Removable wristlet
  • Flap closing with a magnetic snap

About the artisans: The mission of the production company of these pieces is to employ Cambodian workers in a fair and sustainable way, where employees are treated well and priority is given to the employment of women and mothers. Over 80% of their current employees are women, and they challenge the glass ceiling by ensuring all their staff have equal opportunities to grow and develop within their roles. They also offer a free childcare center on site, and all of their staff receive benefits such as English lessons, double maternity and family support leave, health insurance, savings accounts, and training to develop their skills and careers.  All thier employees are given paid holiday leave which they must take, so it is ensured they can see their families, take rest, and have a healthy work-life balance. The mission of fair trade is to create a safe, happy workplace where Cambodian women are given space to thrive.

Dimensions: L24 x H13 cm