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Global Kids Cards

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Explore over 50 countries and cultures with these easy-to-follow, hands-on activities. Learn what we share in common and what makes each ones of us so special. This activity card set is divided into 5 sections: "Create," "Eat," "Play," "Celebrate" and "Help Out." Each provides hands-on activities with easy-to-follow steps. These fun cards allow children to have fun anywhere without having to use expensive supplies or technology. Includes a passport to record activities completed and countries visited. Each deck comes with 50 cards and is intended for use by people of all ages.

The beautiful cards are designed in America and printed in China. All artisans involved in the production of these products are ensured fair wages in safe work environments free from the use of child labor. The company behind these products is dedicated to helping the communities where their music and crafts come from. This has meant donating over a million dollars to various non-profit organizations around the world since their inception in 1993. Their children's items have won prestigious awards from Parent's Choice, National Parenting, and others. Their dedication to creating fun and engaging ways to teach children about themselves and the world around them is commendable.