Layered Peace Wreath

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Galtang vine wreath is sustainably harvested and framed with variously sized circles, cross sections of branches from the Philippine Coral Tree (what the locals call "takip-asin"). Nailed to the vine frame in three layers, the circles lend depth and a touch of modern appeal to this natural wreath.

About the artisans: These beautiful wreaths are handmade by marginalized artisans in the Philippines. Today, the organization that coordinates the production of these wreaths continues to create employment opportunities for hundres of marginalized Filipino artisans, marketing their handicrafts through strong partnerships with fair trade organizations around the world. Artisan training programs, employment oppotunities, and administrative development skills are provided to the artisans, as is access to international retail buyers. These artisans are able to use locally available natural fivers - bamboo, rattan, coconut, and other vines and grasses - to create their beautiful, high-quality products. Your purchase enables Filipinos from the poorest urban and rural communities to become self-reliant through skilled handcrafting.

Dimensions: Approximately 16" in diameter