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Lost in the Stars T-Shirt

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As beautiful as they are comfortable, these cute tops allow you to dress comfortably without having to sacrifice your style. Each top is made in the United States using 50% cotton and 50% recycled plastic from recycled beverage bottles. Following the fair trade emphasis on environmental stewardship, only low-impact dyes are used in the creation of these tops. Low-impact dyes have a higher-than-average rate of absorption, requiring less dye and less water during the dyeing process. This means that less dye and zero toxins end up turning into water runoff, helping to cut back on water contamination. Being made in the United States means that these pieces have to travel fewer miles to get to you, lessening the amount of gas emissions and air pollution involved in the product production process. Each t-shirt is made in a safe and ethical work environment by folks who are paid fair, living wages.