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Love Quilling Card

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Handmade in Vietnam using tiny strips of paper that are quilled, or rolled, into a variety of shapes then attached to the card. Each quilling card is a work of art with impressive details and can even be framed to be displayed and enjoyed all the time!

Blank inside. Envelope included.

**Requires more than a normal letter stamp since it is square and not flat.

About the artisans: These cards were handcrafted by talented Vietnamese artisans in Ho Chi Minh City. The quillers employed there are provided with a stable, safe work environment with healthcare and food benefits. The company that supports these women is continually striving to create a community of women that love the craft and genuinely enjoy the creative outlet that quilling can provide, while simultaneously providing a living for themselves. With the rapid growth of business, they were able to open a second quilling factory soon after, and employ over 500 locals in Ho Chi Minh city. The company was also able to establish a program for disabled artisans, who are able to create cards in their own homes, and are paid per piece finished. This provides them with the ability to contribute and create beautiful work they otherwise would not have the chance to do. 

Dimensions: 6″ x 6″

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