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Mini Shopping Tote

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Unique and useful, these beautiful African Market Baskets are perfect for carrying all of life’s little treasures. Weavers in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana use the abundant Veta Vera grass to expertly hand weave these incredible baskets. Bolagtanga is the largest town in the Upper East region of Ghana; the people living in this region are generally farmers, though the variable climate can make farming very difficult. To supplement the family income, the women of the region have become experts at weaving Bolga Baskets. The traditional skill has been passed down from generation to generation, helping to provide employment to approximately 10,000 people. All of the dedicated artisans involved in the production of these stunning baskets are ensured fair wages in safe work environments free from the use of child labor. You can easily reshape your basket by quickly submerging it in water (keeping the leather dry), reshaping it by hand, and allowing it to dry.