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Organic Cotton Rucksack

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The perfect lightweight drawstring bag for carrying toys and treasures, these adorable rucksacks will make fantastic gifts for those adventurous children in your life. Coming in a wide variety of colors and animal styles, there is a rucksack to match every personality. Each rucksack is made from sustainable, 100% cotton fabrics. Designed in France and produced in India, the talented Indian artisans who create these rucksacks are always ensured fair wages in safe work environments free from the use of child labor. Additionally, the company behind these products is dedicated to aiding nature conservation through assisting NGOs, scientists, and associations acting in support of nature conservation in France and abroad. To further their message of conservation, they are committed to educating children on the issues of nature conservation and supporting wildlife education programs. 


Dimensions: 37 cm X 33 cm