Parvati Kaftan (Georgette Blue Sari)

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Our Parvati Kaftans are made with 100% cupro, which is fabric that is made from the linter fiber of the cotton seed with a silky crepe finish. This fabric has the look, feel and fall of silk, but the lightness of cotton. This free-size kaftan features a striking, contemporary print, and is elegant and comfortable.

Care instructions: Dry clean only. 

About the artisans: This piece of fair trade clothing is made by women embroidery artisans in Northern India, who do the fine hand-embroidery in their homes. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to work when it is convenient for them while earning a sustainable livelihood from their craft.  With the savings earned from this work, these women form their own micro-finance groups, so they can handle any financial needs without resorting to high-interest money lenders.

Every purchase of this product directly benefits these artisan groups and enables them to pass their rich traditions on to the next generation. It also helps to ensure that these women artisans gain greater economic and social freedom and can effect lasting changes in their lives, the lives of their children, and their communities.

Dimensions: 40" in length, one size