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Sheesham Low Bowl

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Skilled woodcarvers in Northern India craft these amazingly smooth and detailed bowls out of sheesham rosewood. The family of artisans who handcraft these bowls receive a fair living wage for their work and are provided with healthy working conditions. 

Care instructions: Hand wash only. Allow to air dry. 

About the artisans: A part of fair trade is discovering new, sustainable materials and creative, beautiful ways to use them. These products come from a socially responsible company dedicated to the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity. They work with family-run businesses, cooperatives, and those that treat their workers fairly and with respect. They maintain personal relationships with their partners, communicating and visiting to ensure fair trade standards.

They maintian partnerships with vendors in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Tunisia, where living standards can be challenging. We are proud to provide a space for these vendors to bring their craft work to new audiences.

Dimensions: 13.5" dia x 2.5"