Smoked Hot Rocks

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A rich combination of smoked chili and paprika creates a smoky flavor in this spicy chili salt. A truly versatile spice, this salt is particularly well-suited for use on meats, pizza, pasta, and eggs. Every artisan and farmer involved in the process of creating this salt mix is ensured fair wages in safe work environments free from the use of child labor. In South Africa, a country plagued with unemployment and wealth disparities, fair trade initiatives are helping some of the 60% of unemployed black women and 50% of unemployed youth find consistent and dignified ways to support themselves and their families. Using fair trade as a model for social growth, artisans are able to earn both job and life skills through group training which helps them plan their families’ future. School fees for the employees’ children are paid, ensuring that children are able to stay in school and not have to join the workforce prematurely.