Soft Shimmer Necklace

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This necklace has a soft shimmer that can only be achieved through use of capiz shell. The thin shell of the windowpane oyster had once been used for windows in houses, before glass windows became available in the Philippines. Now it can be dyed a variety of colors for use in unique jewelry pieces such as this.

About the artisans: The Filipino artisan co-op that produces these beautiful pieces specializes in the use of the capiz shell in their art. Artisans benefit from educational seminars, vocational training, financial, and medical assistance. The co-op is based in Manila, Philippines, and was originally created alternative sources of livelihood for impoverished women and youth in marginalized areas around Manila. It expanded to serve communities in need by launching social development programs. 

Materials: Capiz, metal
Dimensions: Adjustable 18L-23L inches