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Treasure Cove Necklace

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Featuring ocean themed charms on a beautiful chain, this necklace is quite the catch! This piece will add the perfect gold flare to any outfit. The ocean-inspired charms will remind you of beautiful memories of days spent under the coastal sun. As stunning as it is versatile, its unique design allows it to shine on its own as a statement piece, and its rich color ensures that it will complement other gold pieces. Your purchase of this item helps support hardworking Balinese artisans, ensuring them fair wages in safe work environments, all without the use of child labor. The artisans who create these necklaces earn more than double what they would make at any other jewelry manufacturing job. This money allows them to provide for themselves and their families, send their children to school, and create savings accounts. This necklace is made with the highest quality nano-coated brass, extending its life.